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Renewable energy is becoming more and more important as the supply of fossil fuels diminishes and as the cost increases and the environmental aspects become ever more controversial. While most renewable energy technologies are new, renewable power sources, such as the sun, the wind, the tides and geothermal energy have been around as power sources since before the Earth was populated.

This site covers mainly solar energy but also other renewable energy sources and ways of saving energy in the future. Some technologies never take off but like flight, it can take some years before any technology is fully available for everyday use. While some may scoff, like the Orville brothers, a short flight may become possible and in a few years, cross ocean flights are being made.

Some technologies on this site may only ever be pipe dreams but others may become the personal computers of the future, undreamed of at first but soon developing far beyond what their originators ever thought possible.

Solar energy is just one aspect of science and this site also covers science in general, with some conversation starters, provocative comments and interesting facts on science in general.

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